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Guided Tour of the Colosseum & Ancient Rome


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Guided Tour of The Colosseum & Ancient Rome

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Take a tour of the most famous and magnificent sites of Ancient Rome! Jumb back to the Ancient Roman Empire and your guide will bring history to life.

Your visit starts from Colosseum, the grandest amphitheatre of ancient times. Without waiting in lines, you will cross the original entrances, reach the Arena, climb the seating levels and learn about the gladiators and the Roman Empire' shows.

Roman Forums

You will then walk along the Via Sacraor 'Sacred Way', the main path through the Roman Forum that was used for triumphal processions. You will stop by the Triumphal Arches of Titus, Constantine, Septimius Severus,the Temples of Vesta, Saturn and Gemini and the altar where Julius Caesar was cremated. The tour reaches the feet of Capitol Hill, where all roads led to. Here, you will see the Senate House, featured in many movies. It was the main political building and the prototype of our national assemblies today. The visit then continues up to the Emperors' Palace on the Palatine Hill. You will hear the intriguing stories of the most famous rulers of Rome, their scandals and love affairs. The tour ends with a great view over the Circus Maximus and the Ancient Acqueduct built by Claudius. This is a tour that will change your way of looking at history!

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