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The Eternal City Tours presents:

I think that Bruno did the Vatican Tour. The guide that we had was very good and spoke English well. He made the tour interesting by involving us in quizzes along the way. He was very knowledgable and always happy to answer questions.

George Wisniewski

Very knowledgeable, and patient with slower walkers. Painted a vivid image of the sites.

Jon Marshall

Really enjoyed the tour and Bruno's very special way of explaining the Roman history. His style of giving everyone in the group a character made the history very memorable and engaging. Many thanks to Bruno!

Fiona Craig

He is a terrific guide who made us all participate in the past lives of Roman Citizens as he took us through the streets and ruins

Luz Divina Martinez

I would like to thank Bruno our tour guide for a wonderful experience. Not only was the tour informative but it was also fun and all of the group were involved. I would definitely recommend it. 5* Thank you

Melanie Youldon

Enjoyed tour and Bruno involved each tour member.


it was a fabulous tour. i thought it was clever of bruno to assign characters to members in our group and use them throughout the tour. It greatly helped me put the historical sequence of events together.

ann sullivan

We enjoyed the Colosseum tour very much. We wanted a tour that provided a good overview of the area and its history but did not get bogged down with minute details of dates and names from ancient history. This often is a fine line, however Bruno managed to find just the right balance. He was entertaining and encouraged full and fun participation be other tour members. It was a really good experience- having admission prices included as part of the tour cost made everything go faster. We also enjoyed the 25 minutes we were given within the Colosseum to roam around on our own. We would be happy to book with you again- thanks Bruno

Peter GLass, Canada

Every bit was enjoyable. to have us all feeling included by having us be characters of the time made the tour that bit more interesting. thanks so much for making our trip to Roma extra special.

john martin

Bruno made the tour fun. We would have missed so much by not knowing what we were looking at.

Janice & Paul Graham

A very interesting and informative 3 hours - time passed very quickly We liked the way Bruno introduced the key people in the building of the Colosseum and then continued to weave the character in and out of the tour .

Sian Jones

We found the tour amazing. Bruno used role play well to engage us and immerge us into the history throughout the tour. Everyone in the group was involved and assigned personas such as Maximus and the Vestal Virigns. Overall, brillant tour - will recomend to Friends. Bruno definitely made the tour! Charming, funny and knowledgable.

Kate Dixon / Sam Gibbs

Thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Bruno coped well with the disruption from the city marathon and gave an excellent tour. Giving the tour members character names and roles from ancient Rome really helped me remember all the information he gave us. He also answered all questions very well. Would highly recommend the tour to friends going to Rome.

Kieran McMahon

Involved the group in an engaging manner. Information at his fingertips, but never dull.

Barry Landman

Couldn't believe our luck when we got Bruno.The tour was so well organized, a small group & Bruno involved every one of us in the history of the Colosseum & the Forum. Bruno was so knowledgeable & informative & so made it interesting even if one wasn't a real history buff.


We really had a great time. We all had roles to play during the tour which made it a lot of fun and informative. Bruno was fabulous!!!!!!!

Dorothy Blass

Excellent tour showing you the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. Our group had an age range from a 6 yr old (Sparticus) to the mid fifties and Bruno had a way to relate to everyone. He had an amazing ability to involve everyone in the tour and was very humourous. He was very informative and left you wanting to know more without boring you with things that you didn't want or need to know. Thank you Bruno and Eternal City Tours for making our tour everything we wanted.

allison Tunnicliffe

Amazing job, he knew so much about all the cities and history. Loved it.


Excellent guide. Would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Rome.

Tony Lewis

Bruno brought the majesty of Ancient Rome to life in the middle of the Colosseum. Skilfully blending ancient history with Hollywood’s interpretation, and his canny knack of getting the whole group involved by giving us all “titles” the tour passed like a breeze and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it. As with all our guides he responded with great knowledge and enthusiasm to answer all of the group’s questions.

Gareth Milne

Bruno was absolutely excellent as was the tour generally. Very informative and amusing too. Our only regret was having to rush off to catch our plane home and forgetting to to give him a tip. Would recommend this tour to anyone.

Alan Spencer

Would thoroughly recommend this tour.

Peter & Elaine Mitchell

Very enjoyble tour, Bruno very knowledgable was great to hear all the fasinating facts and see main sights.

Michelle Folley

Amazing, informative tour. Bruno's tour was fantastic, he involved everyone in the group and was constantly helping us all to visualise the ancient world from the few remaining ruins. From children to older group members he dealt with everyone at their own personal level. Well done Bruno. Highly recommend to anyone.

Phil Huckle & Linsey Kennedy

Bruno gave us a most enjoyable tour keeping us very well informed and amused in equal measure. We were very pleased that we had booked the tour. Aloan Brandon

Quite simply the tour was one of the highlights of out trip to Rome and Bruno's presentation and engagement was simply superb.

Paul + Alison Menin


David Shoesmith

Bruno made the whole experience come to life, he has a great ability to make us feel part of the Roman experience. Just walking around without his guidence would have been very uninteresting.

Ciaran Doyle

The tour was fantastic! Bruno was so informative and made the tour really fun. I will definitely do this tour again. Nicole Chidiac Same mould as Tiffany on the Vatican trip, very knowledgable, helpful and came across as very enthuisiastic. Brought the tour to life by naming "punters" as certain roman people of the ERA which was a good communication idea and fun. Again, great fun, learnt a lot and very highly recommended. Regards,

Stan Gardner

I enjoyed this tour very much and thought that Bruno provided lively and entertaining commentary. He seemed very knowledgable about all things Rome and was evidently passionate about his city. Otherwise, I had a good day.

Jamie Scott

The tour was excellent. Bruno was very informative and engaging the entire time.

Brent Quinn

We had a great tour.

The Jacob family

Hello, I took a tour Ancient Rome and Colosseum Half day walking tour on August 13 at 10 am. My Tour guide was Bruno. He is very knowledgeble, and the tour was very interactive and interesting. I would like to let you know that we really liked how he explained to us ancient history. Sincerely,

Laura Golub

It was perfect!

Hesham Shafie

Bruno did an EXCELLENT job of informing us - not only of the Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheatre as he corrected us) but by giving us all 'roles' to play so we better understood the entire time period of ancient Rome. He had peripheral knowledge (of plants, phrases and history) that really led to a VERY informative in depth tour that was one of our highlights of our trip to Italy. (And his English was excellent.) GREAT JOB!!

Randy Klein

We loved the tour, and Bruno made it fun and interesting. I felt like I learned a lot from Bruno. All history should be taught that way! It was a highlight of our trip.

Donna Salyers

Bruno gave an exceptional tour because he made sure it was interactive, lively and light hearted. Giving each of us a role to play really helped to cement knowledge of the Roman history that is necessary to understand in relations to the building structures. It was also nice that he would speak to the individual rather than just addressing a group of random strangers. The tour was very organised and helpful. He went beyond what was required and knew answers to our many questions.


Bruno did an excellent job and we really learned a lot about ancient roma.

Betsy Pelovitz

Bruno was absolutely fantastic - a wealth of knowledge, humorous and extremely thoughtful.

Leonard Tanis

I learned of your tour company via other travellers and booked online the night prior to the tour. Very organized website and easy to navigate to confirm the tour. The tour organizers were very informative and friendly upon check in at the Colosseum. Our group leader, Bruno, was very knowledgeable and balanced ancient history with modern references that kept the tour fresh and very interesting. Really appreciated Bruno's expertise, he's extremely well studied and was very comfortable answering the very random questions we posed. His humour was very refreshing and he involved every individual on the tour keeping us all engaged and participating in group commentary (hard to do on such a hot day). All in all, an excellent experience and I will recommend your tour company to my friends for their travels to Rome. Best regards

Elaine Morris Mugford

A very informative tour, Bruno's knowledge and delivery were spot on. Perfect for the adult audience and our 11 and 13 year olds, as a family we thoroughly enjoyed the tour, it exceeded our expectations. Liz Cousins

Very interesting tour.


This was a great tour, wish we could have seen more of the Forum though. Bruno was very interactive with us and made it more enjoyable.

Mandy Nankivel

Bruno was terriffic in making the tour "come alive" for the entire audience. He is very passionate about Roma and what he was talking about which made it all the more interesting. We had a great time and it was a highlight of our stay in this beautiful city. His restaurant recommendations were also perfect.

Joanna Ford

He knew more then me.... I was impressed!!! Great job Bruno, you were very knowledgable and friendly

Mr. Uzzi

Best Tour guide ever! He made the tour even more engaging by having everyone "assume" an historical figure/role. I learned more during this tour and remembered the information afterwards because of Bruno. In addition to Bruno, the tour was very organized. Overall outstanding experience.

Robin Robinson

Bruno was very knowledgable and enjoyable. We had a great time on this tour and would highly recommend it!

Melissa Mueller

He was an awesome guide. I went on several tours while in Rome, and this tour was by far my favorite. I enjoyed the role playing that he did-- it made learning about history much more enjoyable. He also did a good job of answering questions.

Jana Schaumburg

It was one of the best tours I have ever been on. Bruno knew what he was talking about and he was funny, which is a great combination. I learned a lot on this tour and I'm very glad I had such an amazing experience. It will be a memory I will never forget! Thanks.


Bruno interacted well with his audience and tried to make them all feel like they were part of history. Very interesting.

Christine De Vallee

Our guide was wonderful! With the detail information he verbally provided I was able to actually envision how it must have looked 4,000 years ago. A+ I hope he gets paid well because he is awesome!

Cheryl Holmes

This was the best tour we took in Roma, all because of Bruno! He was a great guide and got the entire group involved in the tour. I can not say enough great things about the tour and Bruno. I would highly recommend this tour to others and hope they get Bruno as a guide, he was the best!

Lisa Sherwin

Loved the way Bruno got everyone involved by giving us all names from the story he told us of Ancient Rome. He brought everything to life and made it much more interesting than if we had done it on our own.

Dave and Joan Raimbach

It was such a crowded day - I'm sure that made it hard for him. leslie Excellent!

Claudia Garcia

I couldn't imagine any better! Thank You Bruno, your knowledge was astounding, and well delivered. Ciao

Candace Porter

Bruno did an excellent job. Very friendly, informative and conducted the tour in a very professional manner.

Tim Graham

Excellent tour guide - loved the way Bruno had us interact with the group by giving us Emperor, gladiator names etc. This gave us a better feel for the place. He had a great sense of humour and was very knowledgeable.


We took the Ancient Rome tour on 9 March 2016 when it was raining, windy and the temperature dropped to almost freezing. Bruno however was still able to manage and make the tour interesting and informative. He did an excellent job.

Digna R Walker & Marissa Caluya

Simply Exellent.

Alex Mowatt

Bruno was outstanding. He brought everything to life and was exceptionally knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole event.

Pamela Peace

Bruno was an excellent guide/lecturer and very personable and entertaining. There was a lot of walking and he set a pace that my wife (who has rheumatoid arthritis) had no difficulty keeping up with. I especially liked the way he showed us the Forum from atop the Palatine.

Douglas Day

We had excellent tour. Thanks. Bruno was extremely knowledgeable about roman history with many stories to keep us enthralled.

Veronica Mitchell

Despite the bad weather Bruno made it a very enjoyable Tour.

Lippevelt Paul

it was enjoyable how Bruno gave us roles to play (I was Emperor Titus) and then interwove the ancient stories using us as participants.

Chris Wright

Found Bruno good fun as a guide. Got everyone involved as he gave everybody a character i.e. an emperor's name etc. Found his info and feedback excellent in the palatine hill and roman forum part of the tour. Colosseum tour was good also. We enjoyed his dry sense of humour, as a couple we found him very funny but not sure everybody got his sense of humour. All in all a great tour.

Joe Garofalo

Information provided throughout the tour was very relevant and interesting. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour, and learned a lot about Ancient Rome.


Bruno's knowledge and story tale 's left an everlasting thirst for Rome's history in my sixteen year old boys. Bruno was excellent and everyone enjoyed the tour, even in the pouring rain.

Mrs. Linney

The tour was fantastic, Bruno was great, full of information and entertaining as well. I would recommend this tour.

Paula Alderman

Bruno was fantastic! One of the best tour guides that I have ever had. Please let him know that we really enjoyed his tour. He did a wonderful job.

Trace Maiorino

Very worthwhile, enjoyable tour. Our party of four really enjoyed our guide Bruno, and learned a lot about the Colosseum and Ancient Rome. Highly recommended.

Mike Malone

Great tour -- his information and insight were outstanding -- his interaction with each an every member in the group was what made it not your average tour -- but worth every penny -- Highlight of our time in Rome. Thanks

Patricia Stivala

Excellent tour. Thank you!

Elizabeth Black and Leo Lessard

Bruno was knowledgeable, entertaining and professional. It was a most memorable experience right to the end, and that was despite wet weather. Bruno kept our attention and captivated our minds. He was great! 5 Star Rating

Karen and Brian Foster

Bruno was not only knowledgeable, but also made the tour fun using role playing etc...

Thomas Mills

Bruno gave an excellent tour he involved all the guest into his tour and made it fun for all. He gave us a lot of information that I or we did not know. all I can say is it was Great.

Gary Ventsam

Bruno was better than excellent - you need to include a rating: outstanding! Excellent relationships with his group, great level of information, and a super performance!


3 hours is a long time to expect two children to walk, sight-see and listen, but Bruno did an excellent job keeping their interest. Designating character roles to people and acting out some of the scenes was a great idea in helping to keep their attention.

Jackie Graham

The idea to engage the group to act as different historical persons was a good pedagogical thing.

Claes Westrup

I have to congratulate Bruno for an excellent tour. As a teacher previously and now an inspector of education I have a particularly critical eye and was highly impressed by the way he integrated and engaged the whole group throughout the very long and hot tour. His knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm was outstanding, one of the best tours I have ever taken. Very many thanks.

Alan Lindsay

Bruno made history come to life.


We really enjoyed Bruno's sense of humor and tour style (by choosing people in the tour to act as Roman historical figures). It was a great history lesson and we learned a lot! Bruno knows his stuff. Because we were low on cash, we felt horrible we could not tip him more. He was great and made the day enjoyable and memorable.

Cara Duckworth

Very much enjoyed the tour!!! Great job!!!

Galina Urman

This was an excellent tour. Bruno is an outstanding guide and really brought the history to life by involving all of us as 'characters' in the events he described. Other than wishing we could have spent a bit more time inside the Colosseum itself, I can find no fault at all with this tour. Well worth the money. Thanks, Bruno!

Grant & Deryl Northcott

Bruno was a exceptional tour guide... Fun and infomative..

Chris and Krystal Hill

We found Bruno to be an excellent tour guide. We covered so much territory on this tour, which was great. We were able to determine which areas we wanted to go back and see, as a result of this tour.

Eric fox

Bruno was great. I found the tour very interesting and well organized, and loved the fact that I was getting the perspective of someone who clearly knows and loves Roma. The level of detail, and all the wonderful added trivia about the places we visited was terrific.

Syd J

Tour was great. Bruno skipped every line, even the guided tour line. I found the tour very insightful

Peter Makridakis

Best Tour guide I have ever had anywhere in the world. Bruno was funny and engaging and his mock Gladiator battle and making the entire groups characters of ancient Rome really added a different dimension. A++++++++++




It takes about 90 minutes to get from the cruise terminal to downtown Rome. With only one day in port we wanted to skip lines and get to as many sites as possible. The Eternal City Tours did an excellent job arranging a very comfortable private bus to maximize our time. It was waiting when we docked and easy to find. It stayed with us all day and got us back to the ship on time while maximizing our sight seeing time. Bruno was waiting as soon as we arrived in Rome, issued us wireless headphones to communicate with us (much better than trying to talk above the buzz all around) and took us through the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's skipping hour long lines in each instance. He was knowledgeable and did a good job balancing our desire to see many sites in a limited amount of time. Thanks to his time management we were able to also see Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, and a skip the line tour inside the Colisseum. Very good job at a very good price.


This was our first tour with your company and we were extremely impressed. Bruno was fabulous! He was funny, charming, extremely knowledgeable and really held my interest. My husband is more of the history buff but I truly enjoyed this tour and turned to him at one point and said I think I have learned more today than I have in the past five years! Thank you for a wonderful experience, we had another tour after this and it was also fantastic so I couldn't recommend your company enough. Grazie to Bruno too!

Stacy McKinney

This was an extensive tour on a very hot afternoon and it was entirely down to Bruno that the whole experience remained a wonderful experience. His knowledge and style of delivery kept us engaged throughout. Almost as if we were within the Colosseum and the Forum during those times! Defintely a tour to be recommended.

Yvette Dutton

Had a fab time with Bruno, he was knowledgable and funny. Particularly enjoyed being an Emporer for the day! Each member was nomiated by Bruno to be a historic figure during the tour which was good fun. I would book again.

Mark Gray

Bruno did a great job! He is very knowledgeable and got the tour group involved in his stories

Becky DeStigter

Bruno did a fantastic job, He was very well informed about the colosseum and its history.

Jeffrey and Sheila Truesdell

Thank you for an excellent tour and especially for the local tour guide. Bruno made it fun and interesting for participants of all ages. Definitely to be recommended.

Quintin & Hymne Landman

We really enjoyed the tour and Bruno was so good and very interesting - we would certainly recommend you to our friends.

Jan & Clive Gear

Hello, the tour was very interesting and we got many informations. The Name of our guide was Bruno and he was very friendly und very competent. Thank you and kind regards

Gabriele Jurkschat

Bruno was a great tour leader getting everyone involved, and clearly knew his subject. The only problem was the weather wich refused to cooperate, with heavy rain and a thunderstorm before we got to the Forum. Bruno was able to use one of the member's books to show and describe the Forum before we got there, but it was too wet for him to take us and show us the actual ruins - a bit of a disappointment but not your or Bruno's fault.

Robert Watt

Bruno was a fantastic guide - funny, entertaining, informative. Even though it was pouring with rain, he was endlessly enthusiastic.

Ryan and Yvette Thomson

Bruno was excellent, amazing amount of knowledge, great English skills, we had an amazing time.


Brunos interaction with the group was brilliant!!!

M & R Doyle

I enjoyed this tour, it was very well organised, efficient (the skipping of the lines is a very good contribution to this efficiency) and very informative. Bruno was a very good guide, he was very interactive when relaying the information to us. This was very enjoyable and interesting because it allowed us to envisage how the life in ancient Rome might have been. Plus he was very helpful with any other extra information we needed and made us feel welcome in Roma. I am very glad to have chosen the Eternal City tours because it was a very efficient and expertly guided way of getting to know a bit of Rome in the short time that I was there.

Jessica Mesquita

The tour was very well organised. Bruno was knowledgable and kept us interested throughout. Thank you

Katarina Safai

About a month ago, my family and I used The Eternal City Tours for our visit to Rome. We had such a great time and Bruno, our guide, was very knowledgeable and patient. We were a group of six with ages ranging from 11 to 68. To Bruno's credit, the tour was interesting for all ages.
I feel compelled to write to you since I work in the hospitality industry and I understand how valuable customer feedback is and how appreciated the compliments are. I assure you I will recommend your services to family, friends, and the many travelers I come in contact with on a daily basis.
I would like to emphasize again how Bruno made the experience truly memorable. His passion for the subject matter was inspiring and it seemed as if there were no questions he could not answer. He kept us moving at a good pace and maneuvered everyone through the crowds excellently. I have fallen in love with Rome and am already planning my next trip in part, thanks to Bruno. I was wondering if you might be kind enough to pass this on to him so that I can thank him personally. I would greatly appreciate it.

Tori Quaranta

Dear Bruno, David and I want to thank you for our wonderful tour this afternoon. We felt that you made the sites really come alive for us - helping us to understand what life might have been like all those centuries ago. You have so much knowledge about the history involved and are a wonderful story teller - a great combination.

Dorothy and David Bates

We opted for Eternal City Tours to tour the Vatican because they offered the best price for our group of 11, and because previous groups seemed to enjoy it so much. Having done the tour, the most important reason for choosing Eternal City Tours is that the tour was so fabulous. Bruno, our guide, was very patient, very knowledgeable, and had a great sense of humour. He was able to show us the highlights in such an interesting way, and was excellent at moving us through at the right pace to see everything important. Still, we spent at least 4 hours, so he was very generous with his time. I strongly recommend this tour company and Bruno, our guide.

Mary Wong-Moon

Thanks again for taking us around the Vatican. We greatly appreciated all of the information and insights you provided. In the end, Marianne and I were surprised how much we remembered after walking through everything and we think it's a tribute to your knowledge and storytelling. We look forward to getting back to Roma and hitting more stuff with you.

Noah Ross


We had a great time in Europe. Thank u so much for the amazing tour. Bruno was so helpful and nice. We would like to recommend Eternal City Tours to anyone who is considering booking a tour for their trip to Rome.

Effie Rallakis

We had "Bruno" for our Vatican tour and it was worth every penny to have the peace of mind that comes with having such a competent guide show us past the long lines and into this remarkable tour.
Bruno was very polite and helpful and made sure he explained the most important highlights every Vatican visitor should understand.
He always waited for our entire party of six to be in place before starting to describe what we were looking at.
We highly recommend Eternal City Tours!
Thanks again, Bruno!
Chris and Nancy Luedke and family


"We just got back home from our trip and I wanted to thank Simona
who was a fantastic guide for our Vatican Tour. You can tell she loves
her job and is very knowledgeable in her presentation on the various
areas around the Vatican. Our guests said they learned a lot they never
knew about the Vatican and also want to send a thanks to the company
and Simona. I will definitely recommend your Tours to anybody visiting

Cyril & Sandra Honz


We had an excellent tour of Ancient Rome with Bruno. He was very
knowledgeable and we also asked a lot of questions that where not only
related to architecture, it felt like he could answers most of our questions
on Rome! I am definitely going to recommend the tour to friends visiting

Louise Bergman


Thank you again for a wonderful tour! we enjoyed every minute of it and wish it could have lasted longer...

Your stories and anecdotes made the tour even better and everyone had a really good time!

Merav Shahaf


In a word the tours were...Fantastic!
I actually don't know how we could have seen what we did without Simona.

I never even thought about organizing a tour until a friend suggested it. By the way, I found the name of eternal city tours by reading reviews on trip advisor.

I'm not sure how many other tour guides you have but Simona was amazing.

She was extremely friendly, warm, and very comfortable to be with. Her knowledge of everything that we saw really helped us understand what we were looking at.

She brought along literature to help explain things in more detail which was especially helpful for my 13 year old daughter.

What I found fascinating was that she didn't seem to care about the amount of time the tour took. It wasn't a 4 hour tour of the Vatican rather it was a tour of the Vatican which finished whenever we were done.

It was the same experience with the Ancient Rome tour. We never felt like we were rushed to finish. She made sure that we were completely satisfied and fulfilled with what we had seen.

Based on this experience with your tour group and especially Simona we are hooked on tours. My family will definitely recommend you to others and will definitely contact you again when we plan a return visit.

Please send our best to Simona and thanks for making our trip memorable.
Best regards,

Rich Retallick


"The tour of Rome made the vacation a trip of a life time. Bruno delivered the information in a fun manner.

My youngest son age 14 and my mother age 75 both loved his presentation.

That is a huge gap in age that he was able to reach and keep interested. I will be recommending you and your company to my friends, relative, and co-workers.

Thanks again for the history lesson it was most enjoyable."

Joe Reynolds


What a fantastic day. Bruno worked hard at keeping us all happy. I appreciated his knowledge of the crowd flow. He knew that the colosseum would be less crowded later and saved us a long wait in line by being flexible enough to adjust the tour to deal with the crowds. He moved at a good pace and kept everyone's attention. He was very knowledgeable and pointed out things that I would have walked right past. I guess the biggest compliment I can give him and the tour is that it kept my husband entertained the entire time!! Wow.
Laura Gidley


Very enjoyable tour. Robert made the history more interesting and more easy to understand than expected. Would definitely recommend you to others.
Christina Woodward


Very clear and Robert certainly bought the ruins to life
Bill Randall


This was an excellent tour, made so very, very special by our guide Bruno. He was interesting, amusing, personal and so knowledgable. I just loved this tour, the images he brought to us made us really feel that we were right back all those years ago. Just the most amazing experience. The organisation of these tours are just superb, not to be faulted, though the temperature was 37 it was an experience I will never forget. Wonderful!
Liane Gates


This was a fantastic tour, highly recomended. Me and my wife travelled all over Italy from Venice to Sorrento in just under two weeks and our stay in Roma (with an 'a' as Bruno kindly pointed out) was our main tour stop. We were not too sure what to expect but it was great. As a local person, Bruno was able to give us a clear and highly fun and informative walking journey from the Colosseum to the Palatine Hill and the namesake of all Palaces where we got fabulous views over Roma and it's 7 sorrounding hills with a view across to Circus Maximus and the love (amor)/ Roma church. For the girls, he's a good looking young gentlemen and very professional but mind he is a fast walker (as are most Italians). We went on a hot August day (2008) and despite our tiredness we still went to see the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel in the afternoon, but this really is too much for one day in my opinion. Please try not to put your kids though two tours in one day, esspecially if it's in the middle of August (Italian Summer with temps from 32-37 dgrC). (Tip: St Peters Basilica is the church next to the Sistine Chapel in the Holy Vatican City, that can be entered free on some days, you'll need to check but it is not part of the Vatican Museum tour or vice versa, we in fact booked the 'Four Thrones Tour' and then had to book another tour to get to see the Vatican Museums and the famed Sistine Chapel)
Laura & Sean, Warwickshire UK


Bruno is a friendly, helpful, knowledgable person. He took us on a journey through Ancient Rome. We enjoyed it a lot. Thank You We also took 2 other tours with a different company. Your guides had better English and they did not have to translate into two other languages like the others. Great job.
Jodie Buller


Our tour was amazing. Robert had a wealth of information and hit on all the highlights, plus gave us added information about the area that I don't think we would have received on another tour. He made learning about ancient Rome interesting and interactive. I would definitely recommend this tour to other tourists. Ancient Rome was one of my favorite parts of my entire trip, and I think the tour was part of the reason!
Julie Solakian


We covered a huge amount of ground, however, I did not feel that adequate detail was given to much of what we saw. Bruno was engaging, and knowledgeable, however, he had certain talking points, and he walked past sections of the Domitian Palace without comment, and I do not believe that he did justice to the detail and history of the fora. I would want to tour the areas again in order to fill in information that I did not gain.
Jonathan Neeno


Bruno was great! Liked his style, it made the tour very interesting and fun too. It's been a week since we've come home and Bruno's tour to the Colosseum is the one tour that stands out to both of us and the most information and facts we recall. Thanks for a great tour, Bruno
Elaine Sandy


Bruno was informative and lively. He had a great sense of humour and when the tour itinerary was interrupted because of " The Race for a Cure" he was able to quickly amend his tour plan to provide an alternative route round. Definitely to be recommended.
Cathy Dilworth


I thoroughly enjoyed the tour on Monday morning and found Robert very knowledgable and entertaining. My daughter (who is 9) was kept amused and found all the facts incredibly interesting, especially as she has recently been doing Roman history in school. It really brought everything to life for her. The beautiful sunny weather helped of course!! Thank you very much for a wonderful experience. Grazie!!
Gillian Williams