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The Eternal City Tours presents:

One of Rome’s richest and most interesting villas, the Borghese Gallery houses a vast and diverse collection of sculptures and paintings produced by masters such as Bernini, Canova, Caravaggio, Bellini, Corregio and Titian.

Truly a magical setting in which the beauty of the artworks, fountains, architecture commune with the rich and diverse flora of the vast surrounding park. Take the chance to see Raphael's touching Deposition from the cross, Titian’s mastepiece in pure venetian style of the Sacred and Profane Love, and Caravaggio's David With The Head of Goliath.

The visit will culminate with a tribute to Bernini sculpture: the David, the Rape of Prosperina, and the Apollo an Daphne, where Daphne is caught in the extraordinary moment just as her flesh transforms into a tree while escaping from Apollo’s grasp.

Tour Details:

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Professional and Licensed English speaking guide
  • Skip-the-line reservation included
  • Use of visual didactic tools
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